Data of interest

80 km east of
Panama City.

Start of operations:  
Installed capacity:
260 MW

Located at 80 km from Panama City, this hydroelectric power plant uses the Bayano River waters for power generation. It is also known as Ascanio Villalaz who was the first director of this project built between 1972 and 1976 by the late Instituto de Recursos Hidráulicos y Electrificación (IRHE).

Units 1 and 2 started operations in July and October 1976 respectively, both with 75 MW. In November 2002, unit Bayano 3 started operations with an added 86MW as part of the improvement and expansion plan after the acquisition of power plants by AES Panama. AES also repowered units Bayano 1 and 2 to reach 87MW in September 2002 and February 2004, respectively.


Approximate storage volume: 27,000 million cubic meters

Reservoir area: 350 km2 (35,000 Ha.)

Operating levels:

Máx: 62.05 meters above sea level (masl)               

Mín: 50.00 masl

Maximum design level for floods: 64.00 masl

Main Dam:

It has a length of 450 meters and a maximum height of approximately 75 meters.

Power is transmitted from the Bayano substation through a double circuit transmission line of 230 kv to the substations located in Panama.

At Bayano, as well as in all our businesses,  we include safety standards inside and outside the power plant. We are constantly training AES Panama personnel, contractors and subcontractors on the risks they may be exposed to and the controls that must be followed.

Whenever we do jobs, we do it the safest way without impacting the environment and communities. We have different general procedures: emergency plans, hazard and environmental identification, handling of chemicals, hydrocarbons, and management of AES personnel and contractors.

We have the PADE (Emergency Action Plan) in place, under which we maintain a community information logistics process prior to water reaching high levels, implemented with local agencies.  Under this plan, we communicate about risks and emergency plans, and on how the hydroelectric power plant works, as a good practice for the community.

For AES Panama, minimizing risks and preventing accidents is an important element in our operations.