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Isla Telfers
Provincia de Colon - Panama

Installed capacity
381 MW Neto
Input | output

180,000 m3 
US $1,150 millones

AES Colon

Panama has an energy matrix highly dependent on the production of energy from water sources, as well as petroleum-derived fuels, although more recently, renewable sources such as wind and solar are having a greater participation in the matrix. The system requires a firm capacity, not dependent on climatic phenomena.

The demand for electricity is usually related to the economic growth of the country. According to figures from ETESA, in the period from 2010 to 2016, the demand in Panama has increased approximately 5% annually.

In this context, AES, through the Gas Natural Atlántico S. de R.L., participated in the bidding process with the Costa Norte project and was awarded as the winner by offering the lowest price per KWh. In this way, AES contributes significantly to the diversification of the energy matrix by adding a new fuel with a more stable price and more friendly to the environment than bunker, diesel and coal, which are the most usual sources for thermal generation in the country.

The project

In 2016, AES started the construction of the first natural gas fired power plant in in Panama and Central America, with an investment of US$ 1,2 billions, in a partnership with Inversiones Bahía that holds 49% shares of the project.

AES Colon will continue supporting the growth of Panama, with its 381 MW of installed capacity that will contribute to diversify the energy matrix, giving stability to the system with natural gas, the world's fossil fuel with the highest proven reserves.

The new natural gas-fired power plant will use combined cycle technology for its efficiency and contribution to the environment.  It reuses the heat from the exhaust gas from the gas turbines in order to obtain steam, to be later used by a steam turbine and to save fuel consumption in the production of electricity. This power plant will be 50% more efficient and will require a third less water than conventional plants.

In addition, the project includes the construction of a terminal with a tank that has a storage capacity of 180,000 cubic meters of liquefied natural gas, sufficient to supply AES Colon and new generation plants that are built or converted for the use of natural gas, and to promote the development of other uses, such as vehicle fuel or bunkering of ships that transit through the Panama Canal daily. It also includes a pier for ships between 3,000 m3 and 160,000 m3, a regasification facility and a terminal for loading trucks for LNG distribution.

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Protecting our environment

At AES Colón, we  conduct on-line and constant monitoring of our emissions and impacts on the environmental in order to achieve mitigation of aspects such as: Soil, air, water, vibrations and noise. Wee have rescued and relocated more than 475 individuals including amphibians, birds, mammals and reptiles, as well as orchids. We have a team of biologists and veterinarians working in crews to protect the species in the areas surrounding our project under construction. We have a Plan that was approved by the Ministry of the Environment and verified on the site.

Details of the Power Generation Plant

Details of the Power Generation Plant It also includes a LNG storage tank of 180,000 m3, a dock for ships between 3,000 m3 and 160,000 m3, and a terminal for the distribution of LNG, through trucks.